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IDS’ Strengths

Laboratory Automation Systems from IDS are the Gold Standard for Sample Pre-analytics and Transport.

IDS is solely focused on sample Pre-analytics and transport.
Through our unique focus on an wholly integrated process from development through production and after sales support, we have continued to provide fast, flexible, and reliable systems from our Headquarters in Kumamoto, Japan to laboratories around the world.

The leading developer and producer  of Clinical Laboratory automation systems

The leading developer and producer of Clinical Laboratory automation systems

In the early 1980s, we began development of our first pre-analytical automation system.  This coincided with the introduction of automated analyzers in Japan.
“Although sample analysis is automated, sample pre-analytical processing still requires more time and manpower”. A solution for these manual  tasks  for sample handling was desired.
However, there were no systems available to accomplish these tasks.  IDS initiated research and development efforts  for pre-analytical automation.
At which time, we began in depth discussions with Clinical Laboratory professionals to help drive our initial design goals and carefully planned gradual expansion.
The initial series of tasks that were addressed included, barcoding, decapping tubes safely, centrifugation, and aliquoting as required.  We at IDS made it possible to automate these tasks quickly and safely using our original technology.

Delivery records to dozens of countries world wide.

Delivery records to dozens of countries world wide.

In 1992, IDS initiated a distribution and service  contract with the Coulter Corporation ,(now, Beckman Coulter, Inc.) which is one the leading analytical instrument companies  in the world.
Even at that early date, US customers who saw the system for the first time commented “The IDS system is 10x more advanced than anything we can get now…”   This allowed us to expand from the Japanese market to both the US and other areas at one time.
Our products have received high praise from customers because of our technical superiority and ability to modify the system to changing workload requirements.  We have installed systems in the US as well as dozens of countries in Europe, Asia, the Americas and Oceania.
Quite early, IDS established the leadership position in the global market.  We have continued to maintain this position  by constantly researching, and producing unique products that address our customer’s needs.

Made in KUMAMOTO “Japanese Quality”, chosen by the world.

Made in KUMAMOTO “Japanese Quality”, chosen by the world.

All of the IDS’ products have been  developed and manufacturing at our  factories in KUMAMOTO. This is where we can put the concept of integrated production into practice every day.  The sharing of ideas, quality and speed are part of our culture each and every day.
Our Job is creating more accurate, safe and prompt lab environment rather than making a machine. A sense of mission of supporting patients through this environment is indispensable to us.
We devote a lot of time and manpower into developing a setting where we can get direct customer input.  We enjoy the challenge of producing a product that is entirely new to the market.  It is through many of these products that we’ve earned the market’s confidence around the world.
The Pioneer spirit of IDS supports a fully integrated in house production system that starts from the smallest components.  This allows us to deliver the fastest, most flexible, premium automation system in the world.

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