We provide the most advanced sample handling system tailored to your needs.

IDS Co.,Ltd. is the Global market leader in the field for Laboratory Automation.
By embracing the the concept of integrated, in-house production, we can not only provide a stable supply of high quality parts, but support a wide variety of customization.
We will  provide a sample transportation system that is tailored to your lab.

  • Who is IDS?

    Who is IDS?

    IDS is solely focused on sample management in all phases of the testing process. We take great responsibility  due to our leadership role in the market. Due to our highly efficient integrated production, IDS continues to offer unique solutions to medical institutions around the world.

  • Developer’s voice

    Developer’s voice

    All functions starting with Development and progressing through  Manufacturing, sales and service are managed directly. The best way to understand our corporate culture is from some interviews with our employees.

  • Delivery records

    Delivery records

    Headquartered in Kumamoto, Japan, we provide solutions to healthcare facilities around the world. Our high quality products, combined with our ability to customize our offerings due to our integrated development and manufacturing, allows us to work with medical institutions in the Americas, Europe, Oceania and Asia.