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Automates pre-analytic & sample transportation. Provides for a  safe, accurate and fast system.

Create safe, accurate and fast sample processing through the automation of  sample flow steps including sample input, centrifugation, aliquoting, analyzer loading, transporting and storage. Most analyzers can be connected, resulting in a long term system flexibility. We offer the optimal transportation system to fit for your lab.

IDS-CLAS series

  • IDS-CLAS X-1 Series
    Next Generation of Clinical Laboratory Automation System
    IDS-CLAS X-1 Series
    Flexible system fitted to your laboratory with a combination of versatile units. The TAT is shortened by a compact layout.
  • IDS-CLAS 3600
    Pre-analytical Sample Processor
    IDS-CLAS 3600
    The base model of pre-analytical specimen processor which having IDS’s state-of-the-art technology in a compact configuration.  It provides a sample flow that is tailored to your lab.
  • IDS-CLAS 2800
    Pre-analytical Sample Processor
    IDS-CLAS 2800
    Compact Footprint : Designed for the fast processing of small batches of samples. Highly efficient system : Up to 4 different types of Secondary tubes can be used concurrently.
    Full-Automatic Urine aliquot processor
    IDS produced our first urine sample pre-analytical systems for laboratories in Japan.  This latest model is an accumulation and simplification of these technologies.

■Connectable analyzer’s maker

●Abbott     ●Sysmex    ●Siemens
●Toshiba Medical Systems   ●JEOL     ●Hitachi High-Tech
●Beckman Coulter   ●Roche-Diagnostics   etc.
※This is partial listing. Please contact us for additional information.

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