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Full-Automatic Urine aliquot processor IDS-CLAS・Hr

IDS produced our first urine sample pre-analytical systems for laboratories in Japan.  This latest model is an accumulation and simplification of these technologies. This simple and straight forward design achieves exceptional performance.

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  • Utilize a  newly-designed large volumetric aliquot ctip (22 mL).  There is no delay in processing time, since multiple aliquots can be made from one aspiration.
  • Designed to prevent the possibility of sample contamination from carry-over.
  • Cup holder Train Mechanism: For the smooth and reliable transport of samples.
  • Open-Table Inlet: With its open architecture, one can view the status of the cup inlet without removing any covers.
  • Secondary tube (spitz) auto-sorting unloading Function: Flexible sample handling of aliquots.
  • Loading the secondary tube into 10-tube racks.
  • After aliquoting, connection to  a single tube or rack transport system.  A variety of analyzers can be connected.
  • Urine Cup and excess sample auto-disposal function: can dispose of the samples and the cups automatically after aliquoting,. Sample waste can also be  plumbed directly to a waste system.


Types of cup Urine test cup
Urine cup loading quantity Maximum 20 cups
Cup interrupt function Yes
Bar code Select one type below, NW-7, ITF, CODE39, CODE 128
Aliquot tube Aliquot tube: Spitz tube (12 mL)
Aliquot tip 22 mL tip (IDS dedicated tip)
Urine sample stirring machinery Yes (Whirlpool stirrer)
Aliquoting precision Within 5 % CV across the entire range. Within 10% CV at 300 μL
Aliquot processing speed Maximum 180 samples/hour
Secondary tube auto-sorting unloading Function Yes
Aliquot tube unloading capacity Aliquot tube Unloading :90~150-tube (Determined by the specification.)
Dimensions Width 54 in. , Depth 37 in. , Height 59 in.
Weight 771 lbs
Main unit Main unit; 100 volts AC 10A,
Compressor; 100 volts AC 11A,
CPU; 100 volts AC 5A,
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