Pre-analytical Sample Processor


IDS’s state-of-the-art technology in a compact configuration.
The base model of pre-analytical specimen processing.
It provides a sample flow that is tailored to your lab.



  • Space saving system combining multiple functions.
  • Compact footprint allows for use in any size labs.
  • The efficient pre-analytic processing of 550 tubes/hour.
  • Consumables are supplied automatically.
  • Employ Single tube transportation technology. Connectable to the external transportation systems.
  • Virtually all available analyzers can be connected to the system.


Types of blood collection tube 16φx 100mm,16φx75mm, 13φx100mm, 13φx75mm,Mixed possible.
Specimen Loading Capacity Primary tube loading : 100 tubes + 5 STAT tubes
Primary tube unloading : 200 tubes + 10 error tubes
Aliquot tube unloading: 200 tubes + 10 error tubes
STAT priority loading 5 tubes
Sorting & unloading functions Primary tubes: yes, Aliquot tubes: yes
Bar code Select one type below: NW-7, ITF, CODE39, CODE128
Aliquot tube IDS dedicated Aliquot tube
Aliquot tip 2000 μL tip (IDS dedicated tip)
Aliquoting precision Within 3 % CV across the entire range. Within 3% CV at 300 μL
Aliquot processing speed Maximum 550 sample/hour (at 300μL)
Dimensions Width 79 in. , Depth 36 in. , Height 53 in.
Weight 1070 lbs
Main unit Main unit; single-phase 200 volts AC 15A, Compressor; three-phase 200 volts AC 20A, CPU; single-phase 100 volts AC 5A