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New Sample Transport System IDS-CLAS X-1 Series

Next generation sample transport system.Flexible configuration and layout.

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IDS-CLAS X-1 Series


  • Constructs the optimal sample transportation system for your labs combined with IDS’s units.
  • The single tube transportation system achieves fast sample processing without any wasted processing or transport.
  • The system can be configured to your lab’s floorplan.  In order to accomplish this, we have many specialized modules including underfloor and overhead mounted  track, and STAT priority loading points.


Types of blood collection tube Choose one. 16φx 100mm,16φx75mm, 13φx100mm, 13φx75mm
Aliquot tube Dedicated secondary tube container
Aliquoting precision Within 10% CV
Aliquots per sample Maximum of 9
Aliquot processing speed 320-550 samples/hour(determined by the type of aliquot units)
Bar code choose one, NW-7, ITF, CODE39, CODE128, JAN
Dimensions Determined by the combination of units
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